What causes the hiccups

What causes the hiccups

Hiccups are mainly the awkward gestures that disturb people around you. So here our main concern is to know what causes the hiccups and what are the primary causes and secondary causes. We will know in detail about how to get rid of this problem instantly and in the long run.

What causes the hiccups

Non Chewing food: The first is non chewed food what causes the hiccups . If you do not chew enough then you are breaking the rule of first stage digestion. The first stage of digestion takes place in human body with the way you chew food in the mouth before swallowing. You must swallow food only when you chew the food to 80%. But many do a great mistake in this regard. The reasons are many. But some of the causes are hastiness. You want to eat food in haste. You are very busy in doing other things. When you are too busy to eat, then you will lose concentration. If you lack concentration then you cannot chew food with interest. Another reason why you do not chew food is that you are using lot of spices in the food. When you use lot of spices tongue will not allow to chew you feel to swallow. Spices have a nature to enter fast in to the stomach.

For example you eat food where no spices and even salt is not there. Then you can eat slowly until it grinds fully. You can test yourself. So chewing food properly is one idea and fact to reduce hiccups. This idea will help you in many ways. Not only it eliminates awkward hiccups but also gives overall health. So never try to take food fast. Take slowly and with full concentration. Our aim is to chew food nicely before swallowing. This will really make you happy atmosphere in the body.

Food Poison is what causes the hiccups

If you take any spoiled food, it will lead to hiccups. The last night food for example or cement mixed food in hotels. Some hotels mix chemicals to avoid excess eating in your food. So always homely cooked food is always good. And if you cook food with your own hand is more fine. Always wash properly before cooking. Now a days we have vegetables which are not organic. Many chemicals are there on the skin of a fruit of vegetable. So try to wash cleanly. Do not store foods like milk and some other stuff in fridge for a long time. If you store for a long time then that is going to harm your digestion procedure.

Not visiting wash room

You must try maximum to go to wash room. Never stop forcefully if your body wants to go to toilet. If you do this it may lead to serious consequences. So always it is better to go twice or thrice in a day and spend time in the lavatory. Otherwise you will welcome hiccups. Your busy schedule must be a reason for not responding to nature call

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