What Causes Hemorrhoids

what causes hemorrhoids remedies

what causes hemorrhoids
what causes hemorrhoids

Sitting for a long time, Forcefully making sounds in toilet to let shit out, Constipation, Colon disorders are what causes hemorrhoids. So it is wise always to avoid some things which you have been doing. Also called Piles. There are types like External hemorrhoids and the other type Internal hemorrhoids. There are also stages in it. First, second and third stage. Piles will appear along the walls of anus. Blood vessels around the anus will become big and results in pile disease. They are like threads inside and outside of anus.

Sitting for long duration: If you sit for hours and hours making your butt pressurized then there are chances to get piles. But these type of piles will not last long. They come and disappear very fast. You will also forget about it. But for safety sake you must take proper posture for better living. This is what causes hemorrhoids. Check some more hemorrhoids remedies

Forceful sounds in toilet: Do not make sounds while you shit. Only go to lavatory as long as you have smoothness of flow.Otherwise just wipe off your anus and come out. You have to work out on your diet. If you use force, while sitting.This may lead to serious piles problem. If you have this habit, do away.

Improper digestion: If you do not have proper acidic balance in your stomach. You food becomes poison in the form of toxins. This is What causes hemorrhoids. Improper way of digesting food leads to compulsory piles.

Types of Piles

External hemorrhoids: These piles appear outside the anus and are very much visible and you can feel when you place finger around your anus. Some people have this type. But this is not a problem compared to internal ones.

Internal hemorrhoids: The most suffering and excruciating pain. Those who have this type will have to undergo operation and must use some medicine. This is the most suffering cause of the causes I have been mentioning.

Grade 1 stage: Here piles won’t show up outside. You will not feel pain too. But you will get blood falling with shit while you go for motion.

Grade 2 stage: Here blood may or may not fall.  But piles come out while you sit and go inside all by themselves.

Grade 3 stage: Here Piles come outside and stay there itself without moving inside. Unless you push them with your finger they cannot go out.

Grade 4 stage: These piles permanently stay outside and like threads they spread along the walls of anus. Sewage discharge become painful too.

Remedies for What causes hemorrhoids

Take regular exercise: You have to go for regular exercise and thus allow proper movement of sewage discharge.

Obesity: It is one of the causes. So eat things without oil and relax your body to do its work. If you eat junk type of food. you are giving suffering to your digestive track.

Reduce heavy traveling: Do not travel much sitting and struggling.

Over time jobs: Do not sit and do overtime jobs to meet targets. Surely this will damage your health overall and allow piles to creep in.

Reduce stress: Live a peaceful life and reduce stressful living. This will show impact on the organs of your body. And digestion is not another thing.

Eat timely food: Eat in time. Do not skip your dinner for funny reasons.

Foods that cure Piles or hemorrhoids remedies

Take enough water and do not eat spicy food. Take coconut water an eat fiber rich vegetables. While you sit make sure it is spongy. Do not sit on flat benches. For sometime use medicine to treat constipation related problems. But do not use for longer time. If you follow all the above given hemorrhoids remedies, you will surely get rid of all.

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