Upper Abdominal Bloating

Upper abdominal bloating

What is upper abdominal bloating  Its causes and remedies. This is a rare condition some people suffer regularly. The feeling is like uncomfortable feeling with gaseous nature. You will feel lot of discomfort around upper areas of abdomen. Also you will feel lot other many effects like Continuous Burping and Sometimes a feeling of Too Much Gas

Upper abdominal pain after eating and causes

Gassy Foods are one of the reasons for such upper abdominal bloating. If you eat regularly,  gassy foods like oily foods, and hard digestible foods like eggs and broccoli and chicken pork mutton and all meat related items are difficult to digest. They are unable to digest because of high protein values and high high calorie content. So be aware of your body. you must know your body’s ability to digest some foods. Some men and women are capable of digesting hard foods where as other men and women cannot. This depends on your experience of digestion from your birth. Never compare with others and eat as you like. Though we are all human beings we have different systems with in the human body. So observation of which foods are the ones like Very Easy to digest and which are not. Also follow some remedies for bloating All these tips will help you to get some point to know on how your body responds.

Do you have Dyspepsia?

Also dyspepsia is one of the reasons. It means you will feel a group of symptoms changing regularly time to time. You will never experience only one symptom through out. The symptoms include bloating, gas pain, Hiccups and nausea like. All these symptoms occur now and then in your life. So make sure you do take enough care.

Remedies for upper abdominal bloating

You can use for some time apple cider vinegar and approach doctor ask doctor for a medication which contain alpha-D-galactosidase  or  simethicone. If Upper Abdominal Bloating is mild then follow some Home gas Remedies If it is severe go to doctor with out any kind of unnecessary delay.

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