Lower abdominal pain

Any pain in the lower abdominal pain is hard to bear. There are many causes. But here I am trying to bring to you the very primary cause for such pain in the area of abdomen. 90% of the problems are due to diet related issues. Check now in detail as I proceed in this article about abdominal pain. The reason are:

Lower abdominal pain gas

Abdomen suffers mostly due to gases in stomach. This gases try to find way to go out. But it is not possible to move. So it creates severe pain in abdomen area.  You have to understand well about this pain and how to stop it occurring. This first thing you must do is to check your diet. Do not take ready made foods. Always eat homely foods. These home foods do not produce gas. If you eat food outside, then there are certain preservatives. They use ingredients which are expired. So do not eat hotel food at all for 3 days. This will surely reduce Lower abdominal pain fast.

Constipation Disturbance

Are you suffering from constipation? Are you going to toilet regularly? How many times you must go to toilet in a day? I say that you must at least go twice to lavatory. This is the sign of good health. You must know that constipation is also a primary reason for acute and severe Lower abdominal pain. If you do not go to motion freely, you are disturbing the whole digestive track. Our human body has reverse action. Our body takes back this waste again for processing. And in this way you will have to undergo more toxins. So when you have abdominal pain, Take some tablets for one week to avoid constipation. Later check your diet with fiber rich foods.

Dehydration issues

If you do not consume more water also is a problem for Lower abdominal pain

  • Drink 5 liters of water a day for men and 4 for women
  • Try to take 1 liter of water early in the morning soon after you get up.
  • Take Beet Root juice half an hour before breakfast

So if you do take water sufficiently, all pains will rest in no time. This is just accepted truth through out generations. Many a time we want to take water daily, but laziness always spreads and we think or we do postpone. Preventing something is always better rather than treating. So regularly you must intake enough water. This practice is a source of good health. This will revive your body from all abdominal related pains.

Salt Intake

Do you know salt is one of the causes for Lower abdominal pain. The more you take salt the worse will be your condition regarding pain. So always reduce salt in your food. There is already natural salt in all the foods. If you take good amount then body gets what it wants. Our body requires on 10-20 grams of  salt everyday. Any thing more you take, the body deposits all the excess salt in the bones.This will show affect on abdomen surely.

Conclusion wordings

Gas, constipation and indigestion are main causes for abdomen pain. There are other many cause exceptionally. So if you feel long term pain, Just visit your family doctor and confirm the reason behind the pain. Do not sit at home and make the problem severe. It is very important if you go and visit once the hospital. This will clear you mind. And psychologically you are strengthened. So I tell you pains are common as long as they are not long term on daily basis. But most of the time if they are short term you can treat yourself at home with some tips I have been discussing in this article.

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