Does Yogurt Cause Gas

Does Yogurt Cause Gas

Yogurt is a white food. Usually any white food is not good to eat or drink. Though people say yogurt has healthy bacteria, I reject by saying that it may contain healthy bacteria but that is story o 10%. What about 90% of it. 90% of it does bad to you.

It contains lot of fat and not regarded as easy food orĀ  non gas food So it is wise not to have yogurt unless for few times. It contains animal proteins and substances. This yogurt is not good if you really want to get good health. Better to avoid eating rather than consuming it. This may also sometimes cause you heavy regular burps which will put you in trouble.

Few Benefits of Yogurt

One best benefit of taking yogurt is than it has bacteria which helps you in digestion. This does not mean that you take regularly. When there are other disadvantages it is good to take yogurt limited way. So that you avoid heart burn or any such type of discomfort. So this way we can say sometimes you can consume but do not make it a regular routine formula.

Gassy Yogurt

Finally I say that this is not a simple thing to discard. But rather a great way of understanding about Yogurt. So in this way we can say that all milk related foods are not good for health. Do avoid them as much as you can. They contain lot of toxins which are unknown even now to many scientists. Yogurt is not one of them to eliminate. No perfect studies are made. If you see any websites like about gas you will know they also reject saying yogurt is not good. So take it as a point finally that yogurt is not good for you. Because it is animal related food genuinely speaking.