How to Treat Gas Pains SYMPTOMS in the Chest

Do you feel and suffer from gas pain in chest ? Is it pricking and piercing gas pain in chest ? Is ticking or burning gas pain in chest ? So now I am about to explain clearly what do you mean by gas pains in chest and how do people feel around having this type of severe pain in the chest area.

Body wants to throw out excess gases. It seeks for a way to clean toxins out of the body.

But when problems persist this will take you around working through the chest and forming acids. Sometimes this happens regularly. Symptoms causes home remedies for chest pain is listed below. if you have some chest discomfort follow the given  100+ home remedies for gas pain in chest.

Although many do not suffer regularly. Very few of them have daily. This type of gas paining so much in chest is really threatening and fearsome. Not in many ways you are fixed into this understanding. You are highly pulled up and confused.You do not get sleep too.

gas pain in chest symptoms causes remedies
Chest Pain Symptoms. How to treat gas pains in chest

This is the major suffering around the world having pains gas chest in your body. 90% of the population suffer secretly with the piercing pain in the chest. This pain makes you horribly frightened. You are in a state whether it is heart attack related problem or is it GAS PAIN IN CHEST ? I can say that in one hostel, I saw many boys are having this chest pain. It is hot enough to bear.

Hot tea is an excellent remedy for many common ailments, and gas pain in the chest is one of them. Try a soothing peppermint tea for last relief from gas pain in chest

Drink Water (And Other Liquids Too) to Get Rid of Gas Pain in Chest. Find out here How to Get Rid Of Gas Pains Using Home Remedies …

Despite the fact that chest pain can also point to other, more serious Gas can manifest as pain in the chest as a stabbing pain, particularly if it’s associated with the splenetic Fleur of the colon. In fact, one of the first

Fortunately, there are some home remedies for chest pain due to gas that we will share with you today. … Today, gas pain will share with you some effective home remedies for chest pain due to …Chest pain caused by gas usually comes on after eating a heavy meal of oily and spicy foods.

It feels like a burning sensation that extends from the upper abdomen to the chest, according to Mayo Clinic.Gas pain in the chest, or heartburn, typically occurs when a person lies down …There are various remedies for treating gas pain in chest and back. Do you want to know which home remedy will help you treat gas pain?

Nothing can be more painful than trapped wind in chest. Learn the causes of trapped gas and some helpful tips to help you deal with this uncomfortable … You’ve just eaten a big meal and feel a burning sensation in your chest. Heartburn, right? Probably, but there’s a chance the chest pain is caused by reduced .

Yes. Chest pain has many possible causes; some are harmless, but some (like a heart attack) can be life-threatening. Part of the problem is that the …

Symptoms, Causes of Gas in Chest Area – Nonverbal Learning

To answer this question “whether can gas cause chest pain?” it is a big YES. Gas Pain in Back and Chest pain and are linked to each other. It is because by horrific acidic gases. It forms fully with in the digestive track and spreads like virus.

These gases enter where ever there are empty spaces with in the body. Is it like like when a rat is trapped in the bone it struggles to come out of it. But it is not possible.

This gas pain in chest comes from rotten foods undigested in your stomach. This foods are fully rotten and you body is unable to digest rather than Easily digested foods 

For instance, take beef. It makes much time for human body to digest beef and meat. This beef remains in the stomach for some days. It rots and stinks and releases some toxins. This results gas pain in chest

The possible way is to know what causes bad gas pains. Do not take protein rich foods like milk. Do not take drug related drink and stimulants. For example like Tea and Coffee. Reduce all these things and consume good amount of water. I tell purely water and do not mix any thing. Eat always by chewing the food.

If you do not chew the food properly then your body will not do this work in the stomach. It becomes heavy for the body to do the work of the mouth. I recommend to chew 22 times at one stretch before swallowing. So chew well and digest well is my dictum to avoid chest pains due to gas.

However time must not be a cause to take food. Hungry must be your cause of taking any food. This is very simple to understand. If you are not hungry and you eat, then it is a big problem. Wait until you are hungry.

We need juices and saliva in our mouth. This hungry saliva consists of juices which are very good for digestion it will give relief from all.

Method of quick relaxation: When you have gas pain in chest you can use one cloth. Take salt and heat it. Now wrap it up in a piece of cloth. Use it to slightly touch on chest. For this you need a companion. He will help you. But this is just a temporary relaxation. Do not use if it is severe. Approach doctor always. Now I will explain clearly the detailed process of how salt can relax your chest.

Salt: First of all the salt which you use must be crystal type of salt. If you take sea salt, then more beneficial. Sea salt is always powerful to relax your body. So make sure you buy quality salt. Do not use normal salt which are not crystals.

Salt has a natural tendency of curing stomach pains. Salt must be white in color. Do not use wet one. Once it is ready, now second step is using right cloth.

Usage of Cloth: Now take cloth which is not too hard. For the heat of the salt must enter  on to the body. This cloth must have pores like structure. I suggest to use kerchief. But bigger hand kerchief. Also it must be dry enough. Do not use wetter clothes.

Method of Wrapping: Now take the salt before heat goes away. With maximum heat try to wrap it up in the cloth. Place the cloth on the table. Take a handful of salt with spoon. Drop it on the cloth and wrap it manually. It is now ready to curb chest pains.

Applying: Ask the patient to lie on the bed with bare chest. Take the salt wrapped cloth and touch mildly the chest area. This must be touch slightly and remove. Again do and repeat. This way you will send heat and power of salt into the body area.

Final result: Now patient starts feeling the salt heat. It bring lot of relief. Just try it. This is just for temporary relaxation and type of massage. Always trust your doctor for severe cases. Do not treat yourself unless for mild problems.

Gas pain left side chest

Home Remedies For Gas Pain In Chest – My Health Tips

Massaging chest area : There are also many other ways like massage. Just massage well with your hands mildly. You can also use balms for massaging the gas pain areas. Take on to your fingers and apply on to the pain area. Use your fingers initially and later on shift with palm. This type of massage will relieve fully from regular burps

Use tonic: Also try to use some gas relieving tonics. Take a sip. But do not take regularly unless doctor suggests. Taking tonic is the best way to relieve gas pain. Prepare some homely tonic.

The best tonic is water. It is the best available source. This water will put a great stop and finally you will get rid of all of your pains. Either you take tonic or water. Simple water is always better for good results.  Water is really good for chest pain and breathing problems due to Gas Pain

Breathing issues: When you get gas pain in chest the basic thing you will experience in contrast is breathing trouble. You will really feel suffocated. This is the time exactly you must take water. You will surely feel well. You will start breathing well.

Do not skip breakfast: Those who have gas pain in chest, you must never skip breakfast. It will hit you. So take or eat something in the morning. Also take your meal in time. Do not change the time of eating.

Here I want to give one short story of gas pain in the breast are of one girl.  One girl got up early in the day morning. She wanted to go to exam to another village.

But unfortunately she did not get up early. She rushed up to bus stand without eating.She got into the bus by 9 clock. Everything was fine up to 11. She did not eat till then. Suddenly her breathing got struck. Fortunately I saw her and finally gave her water for Gas Relief and later on something to eat.

Chest Pain due to gas and acidity

6 Causes of Chest Pain Due to Gas and 8 Remedies to Help

Coffee and Tea Relation with gas: We have a direct relation between gas and coffee. Coffee intake could be one of the reasons for  Constipation Causes Never attempt taking this beverages.

I have seen one Rev.Bishop of Falkland Islands Rev. Michael Bernard . His grace always drinks tea. Almost once in an hour. This may give gas in chest sometimes. So try to avoid taking coffee.

Exception of taking tea: You can drink with empty stomach. Taking tea on empty stomach will give you boost and does not much relates with gas. In addition to this you can take either coffee or tea. Finally what I want to say is: take on only empty stomach. As a result and consequently you make it as a habit.

How often you must consume tea: I put emphasis taking only once in a day. Not more than a day and that too on an empty stomach. In this way you can avoid gassy atmosphere in your chest.

Yoga for gassy chest: This is another angle to calm down gassy substances in your chest.  Due to lot of stress now a days we are disturbing natural working of human body. Our human body works better when we are not stressful. Our thyroid mainly releases various healthy enzymes for when we relax.

This is also one of the strong causes why many suffer from various diseases. Gas pain in chest is not an exception. Doing yoga is always noteworthy in regards to your health. Here I don’t ask you to spend hours doing yoga. But just ten minutes in a day. Do simple yoga poses that will benefit you.

How to remove gas pain in chest permanently: The good way is to terminate all your old diet life style. This is the only preventive measure. Finally replace with very good healthy life style. It is not so easy to act. It is very difficult to practice eating healthy diet. If not leave the idea and depend on tonics.

Though it is not a good idea at all. Either you change yourself personally. It is not that others tell and you do. You have to take personal choice regarding your healthy diet life style. Do not take foods like What causes the hiccups instead take simple foods that can digest well.

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Chest pain gas or heart attack How to Get Rid of Gas Pain in Chest – Natural Remedy Ideas

Benefits of Beet Juice for gas: Beet has a special nature to remove toxin elements from your body. Use it early in the morning as a mandatory liquid.  This way you must do for six months. Initially when you take beetroot juice, you will either feel uncomfortable or vomiting.

This is due to toxic removal. When you take  beet root juice, in the long run you will see great change in your body. May be six months. I myself tried this and I experienced that my body changed its skin tone and I got rid of back pain due to gas. This is the magic of beet root juice. Daily take it to relieve even for chest pain due to gas.

For Non Veg eaters: If you are a fan of chicken and you have gas pain in chest, then the best way to eat chicken is to cook it in a pressure cooker. Do not use any oil. This is also called poached chicken.

Do not add any spices. Add only salt and pepper. This is the best way to eat chicken. The same process is for all other meat foods. But it is a warning that you must not eat on a regular basis. Just make sure you eat mildly and this will benefit you. ( You are reading  now the article on gas pain in chest)

Method of taking water: You must not consume water while you eat food or after eating food. Give a time gap of 3 hours between hard food and water. Our body acts differently with water and hard food. So make sure not to lighten some important acids around the walls of the stomach.

Understanding Life Style: When you are suffering from gas pains in chest, the first thing to notice is your lifestyle. Are you either taking bakery food like puffs and cakes and ice creams or you may be skipping meals and replacing it with bakery food. Your life style has its own effects.

Some times it is very easy to with draw with our friends. We are very shy. Because of our friends, we eat wrong things.  We really do not care our lifestyle when we are with friends. So be frank with your friends regarding your eating habits. Surely they will understand you. Never give into temptations to eat junk type of stuff.

Piles: Also one of the most ridiculous pains which give gassy chest. When you have piles near anus, It is difficult to pass waste. There gases starts flowing into the heart area. This gives also heart burn.

Symptoms of pain while drinking: When you drink alcohol soon after eating, body always tries to stop all the digestion in regards to food. Because our human bodies want to protect acidic nature in stomach. For example: What happens when you drop water in a blazing fire?

The fire gets calm. In the same way our bodies also digest hardest food like mutton and beef . While digesting foods, our bodies release strong acids to digest food. article for gas pain in chest

Now here the problem comes. Many people drink water when they eat hardest food. The danger is that when you drink water, body will put full stop for all digestion. Now body tries to remove all the water from the food. In fact it wants to separate the food and water.

The reason is to protect acidic atmosphere around the walls of the stomach. Now by the time our bodies finish digesting water, the foods remains without any digestion. (article for gas pain in chest)

Because water thins the acids like pepsin and lactic. These acids are important for digesting food. Unless body removes all the water, it cannot again form strong acids. Mean while when whole of the process going on, the food spoils and rots and releases some stuff. Now you will experience symptoms like gas pain in chest.

Gas pain near chest near heart

Can Gas Cause Chest Pain?Home Remedies For Gas Pain

Use of western Toilet: Recent studies said that the usage of such toilet will harm your intestinal flow. Your way of sitting is different than what is natural. We have to sit in a natural way. But western toilet changed the way opposite. This leads to constipation also. Use ordinary lavatories.

Swimming for pains: Do you know chest expands with swimming. This expansion will throw all the pains and acids. All deposits will get movement. Go for swimming. But be careful if you do not know how to swim.

Chest exercises to relieve pain: You can also perform some Chest related exercises. These are very mild exercises. Remember a body with out exercise will lead to body pains and especially in the chest. Use your hands to do chest related exercises.

Reduce gas pain in chest with intestinal cleaning: How do we clean our intestines every day? Some use salt water, and some use water and castor oil.  The truth is these techniques may help to clean intestine only to some extent. Feces will not come out totally.

Our digestive tracts are unclean most of the times. what is unfortunate is that we take lot of care to clean our bikes and cars instead of our own intestine. Even people clean septic tank once in ten years. But are we trying to clean our body and intestine seriously? It is a challenging question to answer.

Our digestive tract stores lot of feces every day. Our health mostly depends on our digestive tract. If you do not have healthy track, you will suffer from many problems. Even our immunity depends on our digestive metabolism.

Signs of defective digestive track: The first sign is you will not have free motion. Secondly you will gum like substance. you will gave tight climate when you sit. Some times worm infected situation exists.

You will have smelly flatulence. To avoid all the above signs of defective digestive track. You must clean it and adjust diet healthily. Follow the rules of water. How to clean your digestive track: The first step is to take gas enema.

This is the most easy one to clean intestinal gas. Also it is very cheap process. It does not involve so much money. Gas enema is available in all places. There are absolutely no side effect with enema. I see some people mock at those who undergo enema.

But this is funny that those who laugh a lot have themselves lot of feces inside them. So I suggest to buy enema can. It is like a doctor at home. When to do gas enema: You have to do it when you are on empty stomach. Just fill the enema can with lukewarm water. Do not mix any thing inside the can like soap etc.

Gas pain in chest and shoulder  How to Get Rid Of Gas Pains Quickly: (with Pictures) – Health

Just apply little bit coconut oil or olive oil to the pipe by which you insert into anus. Just push into anus 1 or 2 inches. Do not go more than 2 or 3 inches deep. Now take the enema can and put over the top of the pipe. Now slowly lukewarm water enters the intestinal feces.

When you finish lukewarm water from the can, remove the pipe and enter the washroom. Now when you site massage the stomach down little bit and you will get free motion. This way you can do daily morning. This type of process is very effective and gives you good result. You can also push 2 cans of water once you habituate every day.

Do not do more than 3 to 4 days. Once in while it is good. After enema: When you finish doing enema gas pain in chest almost vanishes. For 2 or more days do not take cooked break fast. Eat some fruits like papaya. It is very good fruit for digestion. So depend on fruits for some days while having break fast.

All other times you can have normal and fibre rich food. Do you know that human being now a days are very much unclean than that of animals from inside. So it is mere maturity to clean from inside. Cleaning inside will get rid of gas pain in chest

Have you ever experienced excessive gas in your stomach? Then you are under going huge amount of gas in your body. This excess gas will lead to different separate problems. Some times if affects you totally. It will put in difficult situation.

The first symptom is that it affects chest. Chest pain will be there. You will sometimes get doubt whether is it heart related pain or not? So finally you have to take choice to avoid such type of gases flowing through your body. You need to take certain measures to curb this.

Excess is always bad. Now how to move about? What are the other symptoms still? We cannot say in which way gas shows its effect on your body. I noticed that second problem is breathing problem.

This is a tough situation. Because of excessive gas, you will suffocate with breathing. This time you will not able to breathe properly. Gas stops the air while you breathe.

When you feel there is some gas in your stomach affecting your overall health, you have to take instant steps. The first step for right breathing is drink water. You have to drink water as soon as you feel there is gas issue. Water is an excellent way to manage excessive gas

While you manage gas, water plays its essential role. It will stop gas flowing through lungs and gives you high relief. Never remain idle while you get gas. Do not be confused. Concentrate and drink water slowly.

You will get relief. During gas problem it is also important not to take food. Just drink water and leave your body. you will see change.

Trapped gas in chest for days Is pain on my left side near heart area just gas? – Symptoms – Heart .

You have to take care about food. Do not take different varieties of food at a single time. You can take one single food. If you take pasta, limit to pasta only. Do not add other foods like chicken and beer and many other foods. Our body is not able to produce enzymes for so many foods. Our body does not produce enzymes for different foods.

So respect your body condition. You must know how your body works or stomach reacts to different types of food. Never try eating chicken.This is the major cause for more gas in your stomach. It takes 4 days for our body to digest chicken. It is same with pork and beef. Take more fiber. If possible take dates fruit. This is an excellent fiber source for excessive gases.

Conclusion words: Gas in stomach is a simple problem. It does affect your body. In addition to this, if you take simple steps, you can avoid going to doctor. Finally you do not need to use local tablets. Gas simply means you are taking wrong food. It will always result in wrong gases.

Do not drink juices and tea or coffee too much. Tea is also is a stimulant of acid gases. I do now want to tell about ready made juices. Never take such things. Over all take raw juices like Beet Root and Carrot Juice early in the morning. This will bring total change for getting rid of excessive gas

Gas Relief : Intestinal gas is a humiliating and irritating circumstance that numerous individuals encounter all the time. Gas and bloating is, maybe, one of the fundamental well being worries that people are living in the Western world whine of.

Gauges indicate we remove gas no less than 14 times each day. That signifies very nearly 4 pints of air! Be that as it may, while these measurements might be the “standard,” it is not a sound adjust. What would we be able to do about this overabundance air?

Drinking ginger tea and eating new ginger root are two of the best solutions for gas relief. Include small measures of ginger (dried or crisp) to your sustenance, as fancied. You can likewise take a teaspoon of fresh ground ginger before dinners for gas help.

Caraway seeds ease gas, acid reflex, and cramping, all while fortifying legitimate processing. Have a go at adding a greater amount of this zest to your suppers, especially if they are the nourishment that are known to bring about gas.

This hot knob is an incredible home solution for gas relief since you likely have a little container of this flavor in your kitchen at this moment. Be that as it may, for best results, utilizing fresh garlic is prescribed.

A common weed, dandelion has various medical advantages, one of which is easing gas. Drink as a tea or include it dried as a flav0r. Adding newer parsley to your eating routine is another excellent solution for gas. Either crispy is minced or as a dried zest, add parsley to nourishment that may add to intestinal gas to keep the issue.

Charcoal has an exceptional ingestion limit. You can take a stab at taking a charcoal supplement before eating; this can ease gas and bloating before it begins. This can act as a gas relief agent for sure.

Performing a colon scrub is an effective initial step at enhancing your general colon well being, which like this may give gas alleviation. We prescribe playing out a 7-day colon rinse, and after that keep taking an oxygen colon chemical 2-3x week by week, to help the body in freeing itself of poisons

A substantial segment of the entire populace has some destructive life form living inside their body. Taking a home grown supplement, for example, Paratroop will help the body in disposing of these gas-bringing about intruders.

Taking a pro bio-tic supplement or eating sustenance with pro bio-tics in them is an impressive approach to disposing of the most widely recognized indications of gas. Pro bio-tics have numerous medical advantages. Expending more effective microorganisms underpins sound colon work.

Maintain a strategic distance from nourishment that are known to bring about gas and acid re flux. This incorporates fricasseed sustenance, prepared nourishment and other handled types of sugar.

You may likewise need to investigate your sensitivities to the regular nourishment that cause gas, including wheat items, drain, and high-fat sustenance.

Can gas cause chest pain on right side

We come across hearing a big problem related to health.This is called gas pain. First of all you may be the person facing the same problem while reading this article regarding trapped gas symptoms.Do you know that whole world is secretly suffering from this problem? We feel shameful to express this problem?

Many people seek ways on how to release gas from stomach. Many have an opinion that people may laugh at it. So we are secretly hiding this problem. Gas trouble can be very uncomfortable. I mean this gas in the stomach almost makes us irritable. Now do you ever think the simple mistake that you have been making regarding flatulence remedy?

Here in this article we will make it clear. Gas Pain is a simple problem if you know some remedies about stomach pain and gas Finally we can change life entirely if we follow Gas pain relief ideas.

Now give a short focus on symptoms of gas pain by different people. We cannot clearly say how this affects our health. It affects our health in various ways. It may make you uncomfortable in the stomach. Some times our babies also suffer from this problem.

There are many tips again about Gas Relief for Babies Yet another symptom is that it can fill some kind of air in the stomach. You feel tightness in the stomach. And some more difficulties include like Chest Pain, Belching, Hiccups, Constipation, and Bad Odor from body, weakness, even your fecal matter will smell like drainage.

These gas pain problems are there with almost everyone who are suffering from this gastric trouble. Do you also experience the same problem while you read this article? Then continue reading to know how to avoid all the gas related problems in no time with one simple solution.

If you have any other gas problem symptoms to add, kindly comment down I will add to this list. So that it may be a help for the whole world.

Now we will discuss in detail about the causes of gas pain. This is important to know. Do you know our human body is same? No one in the world has different human body. So whatever the cause, all have to face gas problem.

The main cause is your diet and the timing of diet intake. This means you must take diet as per the rules of the human body. Now what is the rule of human body when digesting the food you intake? Are there any such Bloating Remedies ?

The rule is that our human body digests food very systematically.If you do not eat systematically knowing the rules of digestion, then you will face this gas problem. So I strongly tell that many who has this sickness are not aware at all the human digestive system.

So this is the main cause of the growing number of people with this gas trouble. Now go ahead reading this to know the method how our body digests food.

How human acids are different

Do you know how human acids in the stomach are different when you compare with animals? Yes this is true. Humans have very weak digestive system when compared with animals like Lion and Dogs and Crocodiles. These animals have very strong digestive system. These animals have powerful acids in the stomach.

Remember we are born to be herbivorous and not carnivorous. So our human acids in the stomach are designed only to digest simple foods or Easily digested foods like leafy and nut related foods. So if you are eating non vegetarian food, you are the first person to suffer from gas pain.

Our human body is not capable of digesting meat and it takes almost 72 hours to digest meat. So you can imagine how much we are troubling our stomach by eating meat.

When you consume food, you must be aware how our human body digests the solid food and liquid food. Solid food includes everything except water. Water is called liquid food. Consequently if you want to avoid gas problem, you must set different timing for both foods. I tell this very strictly with lot of experience. Never take foods of both solid foods and liquid foods together at the same time. Now I am sure you are doing this mistake. For example have you ever drunk water while having meals? This is a great blunder.

You must take water substances only after 3 hours of taking solid food. Even if the solid food that you consume is of little amounts you must follow this rule. In the same way after taking liquid food, you must wait for 30 minutes to take solid food. This is the simple trick and tip to avoid gas problem 100% .

Are you shocked that you do not know this till now. The time gap is very important between solid food and liquid food. Remember again to give 3 hours gap between the intake of solid food and liquid food.

Starting Point and ending point of digestion

The starting point of digestion is mouth. Never eat food without enough saliva oozing in your mouth. Our saliva consists of excellent digestive enzymes. These enzymes are very important to go into the stomach along with the food.If you have to take any food, first you must be hungry enough.

Then saliva oozes out. The second stage happens in chewing. As per the international rule you must chew the food for 25 times before you swallow.

Our teeth are structured to digest half the food inside the mouth. But many people make mistake by swallowing the food within 2 seconds. So chew properly. The third stage happens in the stomach.

There are acids like pepsin and lactic acid inside the stomach around the walls.This acid will do the rest of the process to digest the other half and that too vegetarian food only. So these are 3 stages of digestion happen within our human body. This process is same all the time.

Why Solid foods and Liquids food Opposite?

When you take water any time before 3 hours after eating, our stomach acids will have to try hard to separate solid foods from liquid foods. Because our acids like pepsin become lighter and thinner in the presence of water within the stomach. This results in the delay of digestion.

First our stomach tries hard to separate all the water from the stomach to make acids thicker and stronger.

It may take around 2 hours. Meanwhile all the solid food remains without digestion and it gets spoiled and thus gas forms. So now air fills the stomach and this is the strong reason why we get bloating. So how many times have you troubled your body by making acids thinner and lighter with water? A simple mistake and big gas pain.

Fart smell: It almost stinks like anything. if you have gas pain it means there is something wrong with the digestion or intake of pure water up to 4 to 5 liters a day. Those who do not take enough water, they will face toxic build up.

These toxins will increase day by day and smells and stinks. When you fart it spreads the smell up to one kilo meter. So take care with water intake. The more you take water the better the smell exposure from farting.

Do not take things unwanted. otherwise you will suffer from piles. This piles are very problematic. Do you know What causes haemorrhoids? Even you sweat smells like anything else. Over all if you do not drink water enough, your gas pain increases and you body stinks. Even if you take bath, it is just for 2 hours.

But if you consume more water, Bathing does not matter. Even if you do not take bath for a long time also, You will not stink. Cleanliness of the body does not come by bathing but by drinking water. So to avoid gas pain drink more water and eat fibre rich foods.This is the only solution for gas pain.

Yoga for gas trouble: if you have stomach gas, then yoga along with Home remedies for gas  will give you  relaxation. These will give you Bloating Remedies in no time. Here I am giving some yoga poses to relieve completely from gas pain.

  1. Lie flat on your bed and do cycling with both legs
  2. Sit for some time on your bed keeping foot sole under your butt.
  3. Always bend and take bath instead of using shower.
  4. While eating, try to eat on floor by bending.
  5. Do some breathing exercises.

If you take right positions to relieve gas all types of health problems will vanish. The problems like gas pain symptoms in chest and gas pains in lower abdomen and gas pain in back. Above all yoga gives over all good health in stomach.

Chest pain due to gas in English for gas pain in chest

Enema: It is good to take enema for serious gas troubles in your abdomen. Some times you have severe Lower abdominal pain due to which you will struggle your everyday life and schedule. You are unable to do certain works efficiently.

I am giving great remedy for all this insecure health issues. This is called “enema” Mainly used for constipation.

There are different types of enema. It all depends on how efficiently you administer enema. What is the procedure of enema? or you can also it in other words Colon Hydrotherapy It is the process of injecting soap water or chemical substance into rectum and wait some time.

All the intestines now will now become loosened and fecal substance will come out in the form of motion. You have to do this repeatedly for 2 or 3 times. Only then you can be successful to get rid of constipation which is the behind reason for gas pains.

Types of Enema:

Natural enema: Here we use soap water solution about 600ml. For kids reduce soap water to 300ml. This will give relief from hard fecal attached to intestines. It also eliminates gaseous disorders. Overall at the end you will be free from gas pain.

Medical oil enema: We use oil to soften the stool and results in free flow. It aids in treating gaseous toxins within the digestive track.

Glycerin enema: With this you can clean better all the stomach related problems. Remember glycerin way of performing enema aids gas free atmosphere.

Castor oil enema: We inject this in a smoothest manner. Castor oil has the ability to lose certain substances. With this kind of application you can successfully treat gaseous circumstances.

Kill parasites: This enema means we kill parasites in the colon. We treat this in order to protect patient from crucial and excruciating pain.

Other sources for more information about gas pain.Here you will get some other ideas about whether gas pain is really serious?

Intestinal content in Colonoscopy: Enema is useful even to treat a healthy patients to see the internal intestine more clearly. The colon view is more clear when you do enema. We can use enema while pregnancy too. X-ray is easy to take when colon appears clearly without fecal matter. Colonoscopy becomes easy with this type of method.

How oil causes gas pain

Now I want to make it clear about the consumption of oil. When you consume more oily food like for example chicken fry. It absorbs lot of oil. When oil enters into stomach. The digestion has nothing to do. Because oil does not digest.

Our body stores all excess oil in the form of fat. For ladies the excess oil goes into thigh area or chest area. Where as for men it is stomach area. Our body deposits oil so that it may use during fasting. This is one reason why our body stores. But here more than oil, we must know about bad fat and good fat. Good fat comes naturally.

For instance when you eat ground nut raw, It has natural oil which our body converts into good fat. But if you eat bakery cooked food, the oil is direct source and our body converts into bad fat. This type of fat deposits in the body in very harmful. So be aware of this.

Now the topic is how oil gives gas pain? Oil takes lot of time to stay in the stomach itself before our human body deposits somewhere. While being in the stomach it becomes hard and forms gas.

But this oil aids smooth digestion because of greasy nature. But take in limited amount of oil. This will enable you to get rid of Constant Burping Do not over take. When you over consume oil then only body tries to deposit. This bad deposits leads to many other diseases and ultimately gas pain

Experiencing Painful Gas pain in chest

Having gas in stomach is natural. But if it is painful gas then it is unnatural. Now let us know some important points about painful gas and its treatment on how to get rid of this gas which is very painful and uncomfortable. So here I want to bring to your heart one serious thing.

Painful gas means that gas which forms like water waves and so it makes you feel as if some blast is happening. You feel that your stomach may feel tight and it may blast.

Poking & Piercing Gas Pain  in Chest

Gas is painful because it pokes and pierces. You feel like you are hit by nails. It is just the way. That feeling cannot be described but experienced one. So now what to do? How to get rid of this funny gas.

This occurs only because of the food intake and at wrong intervals. So first check the timings of your food intake. Are you skipping meals.

Then gas takes its place in an empty stomach. So this pain is some what excruciating. Very painful. You feel loss of breath. This way you feel to throw yourself from some where.

Things That relieve painful gas pain in chest

  1. Do not stay with empty stomach
  2. Eat in small amounts once in 5 hours
  3. Do not take even small amounts of food in between 5 hours
  4. Time is important. Do not eat at wrong and unfixed timings
  5. At the same time do not skip your meal plan
  6. Maintain diary and see which foods are causing painful gas
  7. Once your experience gas problem, check your diary for yesterday’s food
  8. Make changes within your diet. Powerful remedy for gas pain in chest
  9. Try to manage and control your addictions with some gaseous foods
  10. Rectify your glutton attitude.
  11. Get rid of food temptations.
  12. Try enjoying suitable and organic foods.
  13. Reduce Oil and meat intake.
  14. Think of testing with some foods.
  15. Check whether are you going to toilet twice a day. This is to beat constipation

Take chances to make yourself something different. Take salt and oil limited. Put yourself in control through and through. Make yourself comfortable not to lose your aim and goal to control your food habits.

What is Heart Burn Feeling ?

It is a feeling that everyone needs to understand because everyone experiences gas pain in chest. Now what it looks and feels like. It is simple, it is a feeling for example when you touch chilly paste with your fingers and after  a while you experience some kind of painful experience. This is same with heart inside around chest part area. Here we feel such pain where we cannot really feel comfortable.

The reason for such painful feeling of gas pain in chest is mysterious. There can be many reasons. One of such reasons are Constipation Causes This may be a reason or one more reason is Constant Burping And eating wrong food.

We are in a state of some confusion. to know which are Easily Digested Foods and which are not. So there would be other serious causes of why one gets heart burn feeling.

Diet that causes heartburn: The reasons for heart burn are many. One of such is taking worst meat related foods. This is the main cause for gas pain in chest. Do not ever take such foods.

If you are too fond of taking meat, then this will put you down. You feel suffer from constipation or sometimes these are What Causes Haemorrhoids and sometimes it may also What causes the hiccups so make sure that you do not do this mistake. Take right diet at right time.

If you do feel gas pain chest in your heart take some good exercises. If you can take some good body exercises you will feel really well in every thing. So take good body push ups for men or some running exercises if you want to get rid of heart burn feeling.

To get rid of gas pain in chest Run early in the morning safely and at safe zones. Now a day robbers are attacking some of them who go for exercises. Do not give chance. Always run or exercise in safe areas.

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