Easily Digested Foods

Easily Digested Foods for constipation

Today we will understand about top 5 easily digested foods . These foods will remove gas from your stomach and give you over all health. Apples, Plantain, sweet potato, oat meal, tomato, carrot and lemon juice, yogurt and carrots brown rice are some of the foods that you can digest well. Spinach cabbage leafy vegetables are some of the best soluble

Dates: An amazing digested food ever in the history of fiber rich foods. Dates will lift up the digestive track and gives you great strength. It will give you full digestion and your waste will flow like river. So eat dates if you are a healthy person with out diabetes. If you have sugar levels problems then do not eat dates as it contains lot of natural sugars and may cause severe trouble related to Gas pain in Chest. These sugars may harm you through the body. So there are other alternatives.

Cabbage: This is yet another super foods and easily digested foods created by God. This is for sugar patients. And it can really give you full digestive power. It washes your body well. If you consume daily you will become naturally healthy. Any one can consume this hard leaf. This will give you strength also. Cabbage consumption will help in digestion.

Oat meals: Though this is costly food to buy, It is worth enough for the price to consume. Oat meals is full of fiber. It is a great meal early in the morning. If you eat this in the morning as a breakfast. It will make your day by giving you or offering you good amount of health. So eat oat meals every day and include mainly in the breakfast. Oats relieves Gas Pain Areas

Leafy Vegetables: All types of leafy vegetables are marks of healthy life style and easily digested foods. They will help you smooth flow of the motion. So eating leafy vegetables, has its own impact on your health. So have these regularly and do not skip. At least eat thrice in a week. And increase your intake without oil

Guava: It is one of the best fruits for digestion. It will give all good organic elements. This fruit will have its own impact. Guava is a natural and uncooked healing substance. So include this amazing fruit in your diet compulsorily. So that you can enjoy the fruits of this fruit. Guava is miraculous fruit.

So as I have given now top 5 foods for digestion, as a part of this article I want to give also the bad foods which cause indigestion and What causes bad gas pains

Not Easily Digested Foods

Chicken: It contains 0% fiber. It is not easily digested foods. So if you eat chicken mostly, I am damn sure to warn you against indigestion. So do not consume chicken every now and then. This type of food will give you terrible and serious Gas Pain You have to eat it only once in a month. That too along with some leafy vegetables.

Oil: Any food cooked with oil is difficult and not easily digested for body. So never mix oil or use very less oil when cooking food. Even the best food becomes bad to your body if you mix oil in it. So think of it seriously before cooking. Use oil very less and get good health. I hope this article will change your life. My dream is that you have to live happily with good health.

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