Constipation Causes

The most known problem around the world now is constipation. This is the main concern for many irrespective of age, race and religion and country. Because of this many are struggling and facing lot of health issues. In one word constipation rules the world. This is the most suffering cause for many.

Constipation Causes

Here you are going to know constipation causes The very known cause is modern way of eating foods unlike how our ancestors ate some years back. Now a days many modern people and modern world and as usual along with this, a new way of cooking modern food. Are you one of the persons who is eating baked and junk food spending your time in bakeries? You are damn sure to suffer from constipation. So this is the first and primary cause of why this earth suffers from constipation. Try to eat organic food and depend on nature when you eat food. Nature food is always better rather than cooked and spiced and baked. Eat some nuts like groundnuts, Almonds, Cashews, Sprouts, Dates and you will see how will you expel constipation fast and you do not the meaning of such thing.

Take fiber rich source foods. Fiber means the foods with some shells within the skin. Like leafy vegetables, fruits, and beans. So if you take fiber rich ones then you can get rid of this serious problem. Try to avoid rich life style with your friends. Your friends may force you to have some food when you meet them. But do not feel shy to say big NO. Try to live simple life style when you consume food. Otherwise you will become another victim for severe constipation.

Meat intake

Do you know that our human body is meant only to consume vegetarian food? Yes it is true. If you are a fan of meat like beef pork chicken mutton fish and any other bizarre food, you will suffer from constipation for sure. Human body takes 4 days to digest meat values in the stomach. Until then it stays only in the stomach and can cause huge amount of gas and constipation. It is not easy to digest meat related foods. The reason behind this is very simple. We do not acids so powerful as that of Lion has or crocodile has. We have digestive enzymes which are just enough to digest normal food. So this is yet another powerful constipation causes

Constipation cure

There is no permanent cure with medicine. This can be possible only through your diet. Your diet will tell you and reveal you everything. Test yourselves everyday which food is relieving you form this problem. Better if you maintain dairy. Write your every day food and take note of one day when you go freely to toilet. Now note down the day before food. You will slowly know which food is giving relief to your. This is a slow process you can test and experience. So once you know which diet give you better relief for the problem. It is time to follow the same thing throughout your diet.

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