Constant Burping

Burping is very common. It is for the body to send out excess acidic air. Is it good or bad ? It depends upon various conditions. Normally a two or three in a day is good. But if you get bad number of burps or chest pains in a day. Then this must be an issue. Anything more burps we must consider to be problematic. This is called constant burping.

What causes constant burping

The main cause is indigestion. The other causes are like taking wrong food which means taking foods that are difficulty in digesting instead of easy digestion foods. The contaminated food. One more cause could be allergy towards some food that which you do not take regularly. If the above causes are not there, then some serious is there like food poison. So never take it easy if you are getting constant burping

Solutions for relief in constant burping

The best solution is to stop taking food for some time and depend upon easy foods. The food in the sense solid food. Take water once in an hour and continue whole day. Take water in less amount throughout the day. In this way you can get cure. For more comfort, take hot water mixed with bit ginger herb. Bu not always. Those who have sugar and other major ailments must check your sugar levels while you skip food and depend on water for 24 hours. Especially if you hypoglycaemic, then you must be more careful.

How to get rid of permanently?

The best way is to digest your food rightly is to concentrate on your regular diet. Your food intake decides most of your health problems like upper abdominal bloating. Do not disturb your body with wrong food. Include in your diet more food that consists of fiber. This way you can be free from constipation. When you go to wash room frequently, burping never comes your way. This is the truth.

Is burping a lot problem always?

No it is not a problem. Burping is a common formula of our human body. When body feels to send excess acid out, it chooses some points.

  • Exit acids through anus
  • Send in the form of belching
  • Send out through the pores of human skin

So never block burping forcefully. Let body do what it really wants. Never think burping a bad happening. It is always good. It gives much way for health. Body never tries to keep wrong things in body. So burping is one of the ways that body selects. At the same time you must be aware of your diet intake also.

Do not eat stomach tight

Another important thing to avoid constant burping is not to eat stomach full. Leave some gap in the stomach when you take dinner or main meal of the day. Usually our stomach needs some gas to store in our stomach. If you eat stomach tight, then body feels bloated and struggles to store gas and tries to send out in wrong ways. So note this and point yourselves that your stomach is relaxed with the food you take. If you find these ways in to your life then you will be totally in a situation to enjoy life’s glory of health



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