Can Green Tea Cause Bloating

Can Green Tea Cause Bloating

Can Green Tea Cause Bloating is a wide doubt. Many of us do not understand this. Some people say it is very good and acts as a bloating remedy. And some others tell that it that green tea can cause bloating. Remember anything that would hinder your stomach digestion is a defect. First of all you must know that any liquid taken along with the solid food can cause heart burn sensation. Green tea never causes bloating by itself. Rather there are many other things that will come on the way when you feel pain in stomach due to gas. Do not blame any food for gastric problems. Any how I will try to explain the best way to take green tea to avoid bloated stomach.

can green tea cause bloating

Does green tea cause gas

How Far Can Green Tea Cause Bloating

Yes I say for most people due to its very nature. Though green tea has many advantages, gas problem is unavoidable. Now I would ask some questions for you while you read whether green tea causes gas or not?

Does green tea cause gas

  1. Are you taking green tea after having food?
  2. Are you taking food soon after taking green tea?
  3. Do you take green tea more than twice a day?
  4. Do you mix milk or any other supplement in green tea?
  5. Do you mix sugar within the tea?
  6. Do you take during the peak hours of digestion especially at night?
  7. Are you addicted to take green tea more often than is recommended?

If you say yes for the above things, then those are the reasons why you suffer from the question you ask whether can green tea cause bloating or not. Make sure that green tea is always good for your stomach if you take during correct time. The best time to take green tea is when your stomach is empty and when you are not going to eat for at least one hour after taking tea. This way you have to clearly maintain things. Do not trust if someone say that green tea is for bloating and some websites mention about green tea advantages and disadvantages and side effects of Gas Pain In Chest because of green tea.This is all not true. Do not lose amazing benefits of green tea. Take it for good healthy life. But do not over take and take on only empty stomach. If you have this idea, it is not a problem.

Green tea is made up of beautiful and good herbs where you will really benefit from. If at all you have some gas in intestine check the other reason and bloating Remedies So you have to make sure to use best herbs for our good health. One of those herbs is that of green tea. It is a combination of marvelous and mind blowing ingredients. Take twice a day on an empty stomach regularly for six months. You will see all the progress in your digestive track. You will also get rid of bloating and gas pain.

Why does green tea give bloated stomach is that you are not taking properly. Realize this and do not have misconceptions about this. Do comment below if you have some problems, I will give you perfect advice on green tea. I am not a seller or promoter of green tea but I am medical guide for so many people. Do you want good health then go ahead reading my other articles on bloated stomach. I have give much information by now on whether can green tea cause bloating or not

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15  Steps to drink green tea without bloating


  • Take enough time to drink: W hen you take green tea, you must take it slowly. When you take slowly, the tea mixes with saliva along with digestive enzymes present in your saliva. This leaves you free from bloating. When you take fast, your saliva does not get mixed up properly with green tea intake. This leads you for bloated feeling and airy feeling whenever you take Green tea. We know that we are in a busy world. We don’t have time to drink tea. But it is always better to set aside some precious time to have green tea. This is the only  narrow path that you can embark on.

gassy green tea

  • Do not take green tea after eating heavy food: If you eat meat and take green tea, then you are risking yourself towards bloated stomach. So never take green tea along with food or soon after eating food. For example say you mix chicken and mutton and port and try to eat. Can you? what happens? Respect and revere your stomach. Green tea has so many nutrients and minerals. They need independent digestion by all means. Which means you have to facilitate such timing. You must avoid hard and strong foods along with the side of this powerful ingredient.


  • Best time to drink green tea:  Take Green tea either in the early morning or on any time of the day when you feel empty stomach. This happen when you wait for 3 hours after eating some food. The reason is your stomach acids are ready to digest your green tea solely. Try at 4 o clock in the evening or try 12 at noon or try late night 11. These are the best suitable timing in my experience. Time matters lot to get rid of air bloat in your stomach after taking green tea.

Green tea timings

  • Buy Best Branded Green Tea:  Did you every buy green tea powder in a local store? This is not good. There is so much happening for profits. Avoid duplicate green tea powders for safe stomach. Try to go to super market that is always floating with people and buy good branded green tea in packets. To find out which is best brand, Just see advertisements on your television or in news papers. They are really branded ones. Each country has some different brands. So I cannot recommend which brand is good for green tea. But I can give some tips how to recognize the quality of green tea. When you buy green tea, read all what has been written on the sachet or cover. See manufacture date and place of production. Check whether they have legal government recognized status or not.  You will come to know even with the feel of touch of green tea sachet. Quality cannot be hidden from touch.

Quality and Brand Green tea leaves

  • Boil your green tea properly: You might have seen people around you drinking green tea with out right boiling temperature. This is absolutely frustrating for stomach.  This will give you bloated kind of feeling. Take enough time patiently to boil water to right state of temperature and add green tea powder. You can kill so much bacteria if you boil tea at right point. This will surely give some good health and sufficient output of result.

Boil green tea

  • Method of green tea making: Take water and boil for 10 minutes to highest temperature and take green tea sachet or powder and drop in water.  Wait for sometime before again taking the green tea. This will allow all the ingredients of the tea powder to cook properly. This makes also green tea ready for digestion. If you do not know how to make green tea, take the help of your family members or see some videos. There are hundreds of videos on how to prepare healthy green tea.


  • How many cups you must drink: You might have seen some one drinking green tea once in 2 or 3 hours. This is absolutely bad idea. You will invite bloated stomach if you take green tea too many time. The best recommendation from some of the experts is to take green tea not more than 3 times in a day.  I personally suggest one day. But no problem if you take up to 3 cups. After all the size of the cup matter when I use the word cup. You know it how much is so much.  You are reading this because you are not a kid.


  • Is green tea so much addicting? : No green tea is not so much addicting. You can drink it safely and with right understanding. Check your other addictions, then you will stop blaming green tea as the cause of your bloating. Green tea does not contain caffeine or nicotine. So you don’t get the feeling of addiction. You brain acts safe with green tea. Not by any means you can think of taking green tea is a sort of addiction. Do not listen to your friends. They will never tell you or give you right information regarding health. They only tell about how they feel with some food and apply that to all others. But all bodies are different in reaction . So Green tea is not addiction rather is full of healthy nutrients and rare substance.

addiction for green tea

  • Strongest remedy for green tea bloating: The only remedy to get rid of green tea related bloating is just stop eating further. Even do not consume water for 2 hours. That is it. Your stomach will look after this. Give time to your body to do some work. This is the strongest remedy of all other good remedies. Water is yet another substance that you must take also independently. So if you feel thirsty after taking green tea, try to control your thirst. No harm happens if you control . You body will adjust to that after some time. So it is usual and normal . Even green tea itself consists of water. So you will not get ill.


  • Keep green tea in proper hygienic conditions after preparation: Most of us do not take care of aftermath of preparing tea. You leave it with out proper cover in the kitchen. Do you every wonder 20% of the people drink green tea after their domestic cat drinks? Yes it is true. Your cat or dong will taste it. So this will accumulate some bacteria. This all one cause why you have bloated feel after taking you cat sipped green tea.

Cat drinking green tea

  • Do you mix milk along with green tea: This is yet another problem with many. They try to mix cow milk in the green tea to make it more tastier. This is not at all good. You are putting yourself at bloating and gas. You are turning your green tea into gas tea.


  • Never and ever use sugar in green tea: When you take your green tea, Be in a position to take it without sugar. After all you take green tea for the sake of your good health. They why do you hesitate not adding sugar. Better don’t take green tea this way. As all of us know Sugar = gas and fat and white poison.


  • Do not take water as soon as you drink green tea: If you are taking water as soon as you consume green tea, This will fully spoil the atmosphere in your stomach. Just get rid of water for at least 20 minutes after consuming green tea. This is the best formula for getting rid of bloating and gassy climate.


  • Once started, take green tea regularly: This is so vital point when you speak of gassy stomach after consuming your green tea. Why because is that your body never digests new foods suddenly. Body is so much adjustable that it gets accustomed to digest well those foods that you take every day. So when you take your green tea every day, You are allowing your stomach to improve digestion day by day.

take green tea regularly

  • Do not take normal tea/coffee in your daily routine: Stop taking normal tea or coffee when you start practicing green tea. Usually people do this. This may also lead to bloating. So avoid it and stick to green tea diet plan.

Can green tea really cause weight loss

yes it may cause weight loss. It has been proved under some exceptions. They are: you must change your life style in taking other foods. You eat fatty foods and want to try green tea. Then it does not work. Even gym workout will not help in such a case. So green tea is very much in connection with your diet plan. Once you start changing your life style, green tea will starting doing its work. It melts out the gases and bad fat from your body.

How many weeks it takes for green tea to work on body

Green Tea starts working on your weight loss from the time you start taking. But you visibly feel it after 37 weeks. Your eyes start recognizing your body fat reducing and getting healthy. But unfortunately many give up before reaching 37 weeks. They tell they don’t see any result. But it is not so. The truth is different . Though green tea gives you bloated feeling, it always gives you best health. But wait and it will show its result. Once you start seeing result, you will see it forever. So try green tea for longer duration and not for a week or a month.

Will you live longer for 100 years if you take green tea

No absolutely. You have nothing connection. you will have longer life if you take green tea everyday one cup along with some exceptions. Never overtake. That will show adverse effect. Under normal conditions, you must take one cup a day to live longer and steady healthy life. But at the same time you must take enough care not to live a lavish life with other foods. For example bakery items, fast foods, Fried foods. Then only green tea will work.

No proper evidence whether green tea helps

Till now we do find proper testing and evidence about green tea. No credible proof. Though green tea contains antioxidants, We cannot claim it as a total health solution. Some people ever got side effects after taking green tea for six months. So no evidence scientifically.

Test yourself whether it suits you or not

You need to test yourself now whether are you allergic to green tea or not. How your body reacts is what known only to you. So if it suits well and good. It if you feel you are allergic or find some side effects, Stop taking green tea instantly. This is the best possible solution to avoid any side effects of green tea.  It is all about testing and finding.

Are All nature given foods good?

“Green tea leaves are fully nature given and safe to take” Many say. But it is not logical as nature given leaves of which some are poisonous in nature. Every creation has its purpose. If green tea leaves are created for our purpose then  it is safe. But if these leaves are intended to be for some other purposes, we cannot take them though its directly from nature.  So the assumption nature give green tea leaves could go wrong. We are in a testing stage still about the effects of green tea. Just move up and wait for some more year to handle some research about green tea.





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