can green tea cause bloating

Can Green Tea Cause Bloating

Can Green Tea Cause Bloating is a wide doubt. Many of us do not understand this. Some people say it is very good and acts as a bloating remedy. And some others tell that it that green tea can cause bloating. Remember anything that would hinder your stomach digestion is a defect. First of all you must know that any liquid taken along with the solid food can cause heart burn sensation. Green tea never causes bloating by itself. Rather there are many other things that will come on the way when you feel pain in stomach due to gas. Do not blame any food for gastric problems. Any how I will try to explain the best way to take green tea to avoid bloated stomach.

can green tea cause bloating
Does green tea cause gas

How Far Can Green Tea Cause Bloating

Yes I say for most people due to its very nature. Though green tea has many advantages, gas problem is unavoidable. Now I would ask some questions for you while you read whether green tea causes gas or not?

Does green tea cause gas

  1. Are you taking green tea after having food?
  2. Are you taking food soon after taking green tea?
  3. Do you take green tea more than twice a day?
  4. Do you mix milk or any other supplement in green tea?
  5. Do you mix sugar within the tea?
  6. Do you take during the peak hours of digestion especially at night?
  7. Are you addicted to take green tea more often than is recommended?

If you say yes for the above things, then those are the reasons why you suffer from the question you ask whether can green tea cause bloating or not. Make sure that green tea is always good for your stomach if you take during correct time. The best time to take green tea is when your stomach is empty and when you are not going to eat for at least one hour after taking tea. This way you have to clearly maintain things. Do not trust if someone say that green tea is for bloating and some websites mention about green tea advantages and disadvantages and side effects of Gas Pain In Chest because of green tea.This is all not true. Do not lose amazing benefits of green tea. Take it for good healthy life. But do not over take and take on only empty stomach. If you have this idea, it is not a problem.

Green tea is made up of beautiful and good herbs where you will really benefit from. If at all you have some gas in intestine check the other reason and bloating Remedies So you have to make sure to use best herbs for our good health. One of those herbs is that of green tea. It is a combination of marvelous and mind blowing ingredients. Take twice a day on an empty stomach regularly for six months. You will see all the progress in your digestive track. You will also get rid of bloating and gas pain.

Why does green tea give bloated stomach is that you are not taking properly. Realize this and do not have misconceptions about this. Do comment below if you have some problems, I will give you perfect advice on green tea. I am not a seller or promoter of green tea but I am medical guide for so many people. Do you want good health then go ahead reading my other articles on bloated stomach. I have give much information by now on whether can green tea cause bloating or not

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