Bloating and gas after eating

Bloating and gas after eating

Bloating and gas after eating is very common now a days. Many are struggling with this problem. After eating if you have this bloating problem then there is some mistake that you are doing. First of all know what did you eat? This is very important to know what did take while eating. Did you take heavy food that will not get digestion? Or have you taken any other foods that will not give you comfort to stomach.

Avoid those foods. Secondly Bloating and gas after eating is because if you take water soon after or while eating. Water intake will harm all the internal powerful acidic nature inside the stomach.

In this way you will really feel bad with stomach. So check whether are you taking water during eating. Take only after 2 hours of eating any thing. Follow some BLOATING REMEDIES

Feeling bloated after eating only a small meal

Thirdly, Check over all food intake from the time you feel Bloating and gas after eating. Maintain dairy to write what are you eating and how you are taking water and list of intake of your Non Gassy Foods. Also see what health line tell here. Finally you will get relief from such Bloating and gas after eating. So do not worry if sometime it gets severe. Fourthly take some medicine in case of emergency. See here what Health Line tells. Take like ENO or any other powder. I also suggest sonamukhi leaf which will also relieve you from Bloating and gas after eating. So make sure to follow certain rules while you have your diet. Stress free life also will help in this matter. If you have always stress you body will not function and does not  relieve acids in the stomach efficiently. Live peacefully without too much  Stomach pain and gas  stress. This will make your thyroid function properly. This is important for happy functioning of your stomach.

How to stop bloating after eating

At last do not skip eating. Take regularly in time. If you skip meals due to any urgent work also will give you Bloating and gas after eating.Do not swallow food as it is chew properly. If you follow all these tips you can easily get relaxing life with out gas trouble in your stomach. So it is easy to avoid Bloating and gas after eating

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