Best Way to Relieve Gas Pain

best way to relieve gas pain

Water Power: Taking enough water early in the morning is the best way to relieve gas pain. But have you thought of this seriously any time, the great importance of taking water. You need to take twice early in the morning to get rid of Heart Burn Feeling.The first take is just before going to toilet and after you empty your stomach, you must drink again. During this 2 periods you have to take almost one and half liter of water and up to 2 liters. In this way you must start early morning with this way of taking enough water and feeding your body with good water. This is the best way to relieve gas pain. But we have many other best ways to get Gas Relief

Fasting: Did you ever think that our ancestors used to fast and believed that fasting will eliminate all diseases? Yes it is true. Spend 2 days completely on lemon juice and honey. But do not fast if you are suffering from any other health problems. Fasting 2 days will almost remove all toxins and gases present in the intestines and removes Gas in Intestine. This will really change your life. to the maximum. Always check your sugar levels while fasting. Also BP levels. It all depends on how safely you fast rather than with out having some basic knowledge.

Cumin water: Boil water and add some cumin seeds. Bring to full boil and keep aside. Take whole day this cumin seed water. You can make it as a regular usage. I have seen this type of usage in Kerala. In India people from Kerala start their day with cumin water. Cumin seeds have the capability of relieving you from gas troubles. I personally feel this to be best way

Bend : Bending more and doing some works also prevents gas. This is also the best way. The more you work by bending the better you get rid of gastric problems. Bend and do work. Do some physical work. This will almost relieve you from not only Chest pain but also gas pain in back area from many other things. Do some yoga too. If you follow the tips you will feel relief very fast.

Aloe Vera Juices: If you drink the juice of this famous herb. You will receive lot of benefits and will reduce bloating after eating

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