Beans and Gas

What is beans and Gas Bloating

If you eat beans and gas comes to you in the stomach, then probably you are affected with gastric to beans vegetable or seed. Eating beans means you are eating lot of protein based food because beans contain lot of gas which may result to gas pain in chest or stomach bloating or airy stomach.  Beans contains lot of high protein and vitamins. This may cause digestion lot more stronger. And sometimes you may also get hiccups and belching.  So eating beans will surely give you gas. You have to know which gassy foods and which are non gassy foods. If you know this then beans would take first place here. Due to eating of beans, gas can start anywhere in the body in gas in the back too under extreme conditions. Sometimes you may also experience constipation due to gas being filled up your stomach due to heavy digestion.

How to remove symptoms of Beans and gas

The good way to remove all the symptoms of gas due to the consumption of beans is that when you cook beans, try to cook it completely until they become soft and tender. When you press the beans, it must be soft so that digestion may become easier. So cooking skill is one of the techniques of removing gas form beans. While you do this add some laxative like some mint leave along with beans while you eat. These mint leaf along with beans are very good for digestion. When you eat beans, stop eating fruits along with this, because fruits cause gas too with the culmination of beans. i.e cooked and uncooked.

Eat beans and exercise a bit

Also it is a suggestion always for beans and gas problem that you do some exercises to cope up with heavy digestion. But at the same time, do not over do the exercise as you may vomit instantly if you over act with exercises. Do think good and just run or walk for 10 to 15 minutes. If you follow this small rules you can always eat happily beans and gas. you can avoid trouble eating beans