5 tips to eat good food


Avoid oil: All of us know very well that oil is the enemy to our body. There is always natural oil in all our foods.

But it is by far we do not realize this and try to take oil in excess. All this oil is unseen.

This is the biggest problem. We do not see oil with our own eyes.

The oil is inbuilt and unseen in chicken fry for example and all other such foods. So having this in our mind.we must make sure not to eat bad food every TIME.

Diet Time Table For full Vitamins

Day Break Fast Lunch Supper
Monday Attu Bendakaya Fry Pappu Charu
Tuesday Attu Puttagodugulu Curry Pappu charu
Wednesday Idli Thotakura Pappu Pappu Charu
Thursday White Upma Egg Curry Pappu Charu
Friday Bread Mutton Kaima Pappu Charu
Saturday Pesarattu Cabbage Pappu Charu
Sunday Puri Fish Curry Fish Curry