Is Trapped wind painful

Is trapped wind painful ? Yes it is very painful when gas is trapped into the body. There are many reasons for the trapped wind. One of the reasons he is that your diet plays an important role in giving you such kind of painful trapped wind in your body and in your chest. Know how to get rid of this trapped wind ? Get Rid of this trapped wind instantly taking lot of water. Water is the immediate remedy and it can simply full down all the trapped wind. It is like a miracle.

So whenever you are trapped with gas pain or whenever you feel some pain in the ribs, instantly take some warm water slowly so that you can get rid of this. After this you can use any medicine care of your diet also Do not take junk foods this type of foods will harm you very badly because once you take any type of Bakery food you cannot really get digested very fast because it contains lot of oil. And oil is the very hard element can intern convert into gas.

This will finally leave to gas trouble and moreover trapped gas in your chest or your body. Always make sure to avoid oily food too much. What I mean is the Bakery food you always take weather in the form of cool drinks, chicken wings, et cetera. That is only one side of eliminating trapped gas fields in your body.

So it is very important for anybody to just have a focus on your gas pain which is it wrapped in your chest or your body or your neck and anywhere on your physical system.

Usually trapped gas pain is very common in some small accident with anyone. But the problem is when it goes more and more when the pain in body will be at trouble for anybody.

If you ask trapped wind painful. Yes it is highly painful and suffocating type.

How to curb gas pain

One in two persons suffer from gas pain in some or other way. The most important part is whether we have real remedy to curb gas pain or not. I want to answer to this question that you can curb it but you need a real commitment. You have to daily fix to a particular diet other wise you will not be able to stop this gas pain. It becomes a troublesome area in your body.

You can follow some diet time table. The table must include foods which will really give gas such as milk and meat. These two foods are the major cause for gas pain in your body. So try to avoid this food. Milk is very nutritious but not for today’s generation. Because for anyone who really wish for right system what I mean is digestive system the you can simply come up with good health.

Another thing is that you must not take water along with your food content. Always have separately water and food. Do not take juices too many. Stick to one plan. Do not change your plan often. Do not get tempted to eat junk food. This is an unnecessary trouble with bakery food. Try not eating foods such as egg puff and those made with oil. Oil is the other strong reason for gas trouble. Those who take real oil in your diet too much in the form of fried items such as chicken fry, beef fry. It is filled with pure oil in it. That oil is unseen and unnoticed. This type of unnoticed foods are not good for your body.

If you are meat love then go with poached meat. Cook meat nicely and eat with out oil. This may be difficult but in the long run, this will surely benefit  you in all ways. So always cook foods mostly in water and eat them. Put in pressure cooker. This types of foods are very good for you always to get rid of gas problems and troubles and piercing pains of gas.

When you feel to have foods such as hotel foods. Take them once in a month and not regularly. Enjoy tasty oily foods but take only once in a time period. This will also help you psychologically to get rid of junk foods everyday. Every day eating is not good for your body. So make sure that you always satisfy your body and try to cheat yourself.

If you are a glutton and food lover, then it is all the way difficult to save you. You will get enough what you deserve. So do not lack self control. Once you miss this self control then you will miss everything. Do have some effort to control bodily. Do some meditation and yoga to come out of food and eating too much. Try to have some hobbies. Hobbies like playing will divert your concentration and give you enough strength to control you desire for eating.

If you follow all such rules and stick to it. Then you will never feel as you were before. So make sure you do all this to avoid gas trouble.

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5 tips to eat good food


Avoid oil: All of us know very well that oil is the enemy to our body. There is always natural oil in all our foods.

But it is by far we do not realize this and try to take oil in excess. All this oil is unseen.

This is the biggest problem. We do not see oil with our own eyes.

The oil is inbuilt and unseen in chicken fry for example and all other such foods. So having this in our mind.we must make sure not to eat bad food every TIME.

Diet Time Table For full Vitamins

Day Break Fast Lunch Supper
Monday Attu Bendakaya Fry Pappu Charu
Tuesday Attu Puttagodugulu Curry Pappu charu
Wednesday Idli Thotakura Pappu Pappu Charu
Thursday White Upma Egg Curry Pappu Charu
Friday Bread Mutton Kaima Pappu Charu
Saturday Pesarattu Cabbage Pappu Charu
Sunday Puri Fish Curry Fish Curry

why does pizza upset my stomach

Do Pizza cause gas? why do Pizza cause gas? why does pizza upset my stomach ?  How to eat pizza without gastric trouble.? So make sure when you eat pizza, do not  really eat very fast. Because when you eat fast, what happens is very simple that you will lose out the digestive enzymes. when food enters into your stomach. Pizza doesn’t carry out the enzymes what it requires to get digested and this is the reason why you get most of the times the gas trouble when you eat pizza. So when you eat pizza you follow some steps.

  1. Always eat hot Pizza. Heat activates your stomach and the enzymes in the stomach play their role. These enzymes are responsible in digestion. 
  2. Your Pizza must be clean and hygiene to eat. Typically there should be some reason. So we need to understand rate of aspects of cleanliness.
  3. Before eating pizza you need to chew to the extent that everything gets mashed up in your mouth itself before entering into the stomach. In this way you can just become successful in digesting that pizza. This is the secret.
  4. Actually pizza contains many vegetables in it. So what you can do is just do some kinds of research. You can eat only simple pizza without too much stuff and especially avoid butter pizza.
  5. After eating pizza, at least give a break to your stomach for 3 hours. This is because, allow Pizza to get digested instead of eating again some other stuff mixing with the same bread. So you can digest perfectly and your body can concentrate in digesting.

Conclusion: so eating pizza is no wrong . Eat it correctly and perfectly. And whatever maybe but it all depends the way you  process in your stomach.

Do Eggs Cause Gas

Do Eggs Cause Gas

Do eggs cause gas is always a matter of doubt. I want to make it clear finally here in this article. It is sure that any animal related food does not have fiber. This implies that egg is an animal food wit 0% fiber. It consists of protein. This protein is not an easy thing to digest. The consequence is gas problem or trouble with digestion. This protein stays in stomach for longer intervals. It makes you feel bloated for sure. So if you ask me whether do eggs cause gas or not , I say yes. Then what is the best thing that you must do while eating eggs. Is there any solution for removal of gas problem in stomach. If you take some care while eating eggs you can get rid of gas. Do not take more eggs. Some people take more number of eggs. Eat 1 or 2 eggs maximum a day.

Remedy for do eggs cause gas

Include some cooked vegetables with cooked egg and raw vegetables if you consume egg uncooked as it is. This way you are adding some fiber, though not in high amount to aid digestion. Eat one egg daily. Do not eat farm grown eggs. Eat naturally grown hen’s eggs. If you eat farm grown eggs, it consists of lot of chemicals in the egg. Because the farm owners do injection to the poultry in order to produce more eggs. So these eggs are high in chemicals which will really harm your body.  Do eggs cause gas

Finally make sure that you diet is not meat diet. The more you avoid animal related food the better you will secure you future stomach with freedom from gas. Gas really sucks your stomach. It may really harm you in various ways. You are unable even to do the works. So do not eat eggs too many. Do eggs cause gas?


Does Rice Cause Gas

Does Rice Cause Gas

Rice does cause gassy atmosphere when you eat it polished. So brown rice will not give gas climate in your stomach. If you go on eating white rice fully polished then you will suffer form gas for sure. So make sure you do not make things critical just by eating rice. Eat in small amount. Unfortunately some people in USA eat rice in high amount. Rice has outer shell which is very nice. If you polish then finally it loses its amazing shell. It has great vitamins and proteins there.  It goes in the form of bran. That is why we see cows and buffaloes. They have more strength. Because in order to see white rice we are giving all our goodness to animals. We are becoming weak. So do not give like that.


You must eat rice as it is from the farm. This is very good for healthy life in the stomach. Finally we have to give our way to think once again how to eat rice and in which amount. I know know this then  you will not worry to know whether does rice cause gas or not. So If you ask me does rice cause gas. Then as a medical guide I say for sure yes.  Because nobody eats in small amounts. They eat more than what it is required. So do not make such horrible mistake. Eat rice only once in a day. Eat limited. I see in some countries eating rice thrice a day and in huge amounts. Do not do like that. If you do like that it will affect you a lot.

Finally I conclude saying does rice cause gas then yes it gives gas after eating. Do not depend on rice entirely. Take brown rice which is safer and strength.

Vitamins for Bloating

Vitamins That Will Help With Bloating and Gas

Do you experience bloating, burping, or gas? Very rarely are these things welcomed unless you are a 12 year old boy. Bloating can happen for a variety of reasons but the last thing that most people want to do is treat it with a medication that might cause other issues. So why not treat bloating and its gaseous symptoms with vitamins?

Vitamin B-6

B-6 is one of the derivatives of Vitamin B. It can be used to treat mild fluid buildup in the system. There are a variety of sources of B-6 from poultry and fish to spinach, beans, and grains. If you decide to take a B-6 supplement, then be careful because too much B-6 in your system can be toxic.


Another B vitamin, Thiamine can also help with your bloating. It also goes under the name, B-1. Thiamine helps your body to properly turn your food into energy. It also helps to build ATP which is used by the digestive system to power food digestion. For both of these reasons, Thiamine will help to cut back on bloating. While Thiamine is less toxic than B-6, large doses can cause an upset stomach.

Vitamin B-12

In case you haven’t caught on to the trend yet, Vitamin B, in general, is good for your bloating. B-12 is yet another vitamin B, this one does so by decreasing inflammation in the stomach and helping to maintain a proper balance of bacteria in the intestine. Both of these help to reduce bloating and gas. B vitamins are good for your overall health.

Vitamin A

The body uses Vitamin A to maintain proper health in the digestive tract. It is considered by many a key vitamin to stopping gas problems. When you have too much Vitamin A, it gets stored in your liver and starts to overwork the liver. This can cause serious health problems.

How To Get More Vitamins In Your Day

The obvious answer to getting more vitamins in your day is to eat more vegetables, fruits, and other vitamin-containing foods. There are a variety of recipes that can make that are great for any time of the day. There are also a variety of meal bars that have vitamins in them.

Here are some foods you can consider adding to your diet:

  • Beef
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Fruit
  • Milk
  • Poultry
  • Vegetables
  • Whole Grains

Doctors recommend that if you are going to add vitamins to your diet through the intake of food that you do not increase the amount of food you take at one sitting. Instead, break it up between different meals and snacks. This helps to prevent getting bloating from eating too much food at one time.

If you want to increase the vitamins you take in everyday you can start taking a multivitamin. There are many options for multivitamins on the market. While the standard option for adults is a pill, you can also get multivitamins in a gummy form. The gummy form is often a lot more appetizing for adults and kids alike. They also come in a variety of flavors.

Companies like Emergen-C make vitamin powders that you can drink for use when you are feeling the bloating. These powders contain a variety of vitamins and come in different mixes. You will have to read the labels to find one that meets all of your needs.

For those who have recurring bloating and associated symptoms, they should speak with a doctor to get a blood test performed. A blood test will allow you to see what vitamins you are deficient in. You can then take vitamin supplements to help correct any deficiencies. Specific vitamins can be taken to provide you with specific vitamins. Use the vitamins as the manufacturer suggests or as your doctor orders. You don’t want to give your body too much of any one vitamin. See information on natural supplements and vitamins at

Bloating can be uncomfortable and embarrassing especially if you also experience gas and burping. By utilizing vitamins, though, you can help to correct your bloating issues. Make sure that you take your health seriously and consult a doctor if you start to notice any side effects to increasing your vitamin intake. Good luck on ending the bloating.

Does Yogurt Cause Gas

Does Yogurt Cause Gas

Yogurt is a white food. Usually any white food is not good to eat or drink. Though people say yogurt has healthy bacteria, I reject by saying that it may contain healthy bacteria but that is story o 10%. What about 90% of it. 90% of it does bad to you.

It contains lot of fat and not regarded as easy food or  non gas food So it is wise not to have yogurt unless for few times. It contains animal proteins and substances. This yogurt is not good if you really want to get good health. Better to avoid eating rather than consuming it. This may also sometimes cause you heavy regular burps which will put you in trouble.

Few Benefits of Yogurt

One best benefit of taking yogurt is than it has bacteria which helps you in digestion. This does not mean that you take regularly. When there are other disadvantages it is good to take yogurt limited way. So that you avoid heart burn or any such type of discomfort. So this way we can say sometimes you can consume but do not make it a regular routine formula.

Gassy Yogurt

Finally I say that this is not a simple thing to discard. But rather a great way of understanding about Yogurt. So in this way we can say that all milk related foods are not good for health. Do avoid them as much as you can. They contain lot of toxins which are unknown even now to many scientists. Yogurt is not one of them to eliminate. No perfect studies are made. If you see any websites like about gas you will know they also reject saying yogurt is not good. So take it as a point finally that yogurt is not good for you. Because it is animal related food genuinely speaking.

Do carrots cause gas

Do carrots cause gas

Do carrots cause gas is the biggest question every has, yes the carrots are wonderful way of relieving from gas. Do carrots cause gas When you eat carrot what happens is that you will feel bloated and cannot in a position to really digest it. So do not worry even raw carrot will get Easily Digested Foods very fast. Yes carrots cannot cause gas. If you want to take carrots then you must follow one rule. That us you must not take any other cooked food along with carrot.

This is important. I am speaking about eating raw carrot. Thirdly if you want to take cooked carrot I suggest you to go with raw carrot because cooked carrots are useless. It will lose all the vitamins and minerals carrot is a sensitive vegetable.  Do carrots cause gas So you can eat comfortably because carrot is fine when you eat raw.

Do carrots cause gas & benefits for bloating

You can drink carrot juice for maximum benefit. This will make you feel less gassy. Do not mix milk or any other substance or nuts  in to the juice. Drink pure juice with less amount of water. Drink for six months. This will relieve you from over all Gas Pain in Chest and flatulence issues. So the best way to consume carrot is to have something common. That is be natural. Being natural drinker of carrot juice can even more give you lot of energy. Do carrots cause gas So this way you can gain relief from bloating.

Do carrots cause gas & Mixing Lemon in Carrot Juice

Finally it us good and better idea to gave lemon squeezed into juice. This type of method will give you double benefit. Your health drastically shows change. In this way also you can get cure from bloating. Take always early in the morning. This type of taking juice early in the morning will give lot of strength and output. your body will be energized and over all gives you full length of output. A healthy man is with healthy carrot. So eat and drink carrot do not worry about gas problems.

Non Gassy Foods

Non Gassy Foods List

The best non gassy foods are finally here.First of all I give in my list Dates. Starting from dates the second is Beans flesh. So I will give more foods generally which are absolutely great non gassy foods. Here very important thing is that you have to give enough.

  3. EGGS
  11. TOMATO
  13. ENDIVE
  21. PAPAYA
  26. LEMONS
  27. HONEY
  30. GUAVA
  31. APPLE
  33. KIWIS

Non Gassy Break Fast Foods

If you eat the above fruits and vegetable once in a year covering all then you will live a gassy free life. Then what type of break fast foods that you must eat is main thing. The best break fast is to eat non oily foods like idly or like wheat flour related food. Pasta with out salt.  This Pasta can give good relief from gas. Also follow BLOATING REMEDIES  these will help you also to get rid of gassy atmosphere. So make sure you take right food. But eat as per time in the morning.  So that you can bring success in your diet. I mean success to good health.

Foods that don’t cause gas and bloating

The foods that do not produce gas are that of nature. If you eat nature foods, is the only way to avoid gas. I mean you must eat Easily Digested Foods these foods will help you to get away from gassy stomach and bloating. Also take some measures about gas relief

Non Bloating Foods List

Here I am giving some more non bloating foods list. As I have mentioned above some foods. Here I want to give those foods with out salt and oil. Any food that you cook must be with out salt and oil. This types of foods will almost reduce gas instantly and up to 90% relief. Also avoid some Constipation Causes which are equally important. Have some knowledge about food and their process of digestion. Some foods gets easy digestion and some cannot. If you eat wrong food you may also suffer from Constant Burping which will be also cause for your gassy areas in stomach.  If you want some other help you can see below sources.

Best Way to Relieve Gas Pain

best way to relieve gas pain

Water Power: Taking enough water early in the morning is the best way to relieve gas pain. But have you thought of this seriously any time, the great importance of taking water. You need to take twice early in the morning to get rid of Heart Burn Feeling.The first take is just before going to toilet and after you empty your stomach, you must drink again. During this 2 periods you have to take almost one and half liter of water and up to 2 liters. In this way you must start early morning with this way of taking enough water and feeding your body with good water. This is the best way to relieve gas pain. But we have many other best ways to get Gas Relief

Fasting: Did you ever think that our ancestors used to fast and believed that fasting will eliminate all diseases? Yes it is true. Spend 2 days completely on lemon juice and honey. But do not fast if you are suffering from any other health problems. Fasting 2 days will almost remove all toxins and gases present in the intestines and removes Gas in Intestine. This will really change your life. to the maximum. Always check your sugar levels while fasting. Also BP levels. It all depends on how safely you fast rather than with out having some basic knowledge.

Cumin water: Boil water and add some cumin seeds. Bring to full boil and keep aside. Take whole day this cumin seed water. You can make it as a regular usage. I have seen this type of usage in Kerala. In India people from Kerala start their day with cumin water. Cumin seeds have the capability of relieving you from gas troubles. I personally feel this to be best way

Bend : Bending more and doing some works also prevents gas. This is also the best way. The more you work by bending the better you get rid of gastric problems. Bend and do work. Do some physical work. This will almost relieve you from not only Chest pain but also gas pain in back area from many other things. Do some yoga too. If you follow the tips you will feel relief very fast.

Aloe Vera Juices: If you drink the juice of this famous herb. You will receive lot of benefits and will reduce bloating after eating

Gas Relief for Babies : Unseasoned parents are frequently shocked at the enormous clamours that leave a little child. Truth be told, infants can be capable of being heard symphony and gas are regularly part of the collection. It’s a particular and primary event in new-born children, and albeit a few infants appear to experience no difficulty passing gas, others can get somewhat stuck.

Here’s the way to recognize a child with gas and help her/him pass it. Every one of us has gas and should dispose of it somehow. Typically, gas goes out through the rectum or is burped through the mouth. These are both essential elements of the body that permit us to dispose of gas. The below are give some tips on Gas Relief for Babies
Utilize Preventive Measures

As a part of Gas Relief For Babies I want to bring on the Burps. Bolstering time can accompany a ton of crying, swallowing, chugging, and suckling – at the end of the day, a considerable measure of air, which in the end shows itself as a burp or gas. Keeping in mind gas relief from a burp may be more prompt, air that ways out as gas has a more drawn out trip through the intestinal tract first.

Have a go at being somewhat additionally careful about burping your infant amid and after a bolstering to check whether you can keep a portion of the Gas Relief for Babies
Is this a medical issue?

At the point when gas does not go out of the body effortlessly, it can gather in some part of the digestive tract, creating bloating and uneasiness. Indeed, even standard measures of gas in the body can trouble individuals who are delicate to this weight. In spite of the fact that gas is typically not an indication of a medicinal issue, it can be.

The measure of Gas Relief For Babies that individuals deliver fluctuates. The vast majority create between a half quart and a half-gallon of gas every day. Oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen from gobbled air make up a substantial piece of flatus (gas).

Maturing sustenance’s in the colon deliver hydrogen and methane and additionally carbon dioxide and oxygen. These parts of flatus are unscented. The unpalatable smell of some flatus is the consequence of following gasses, for example, hydrogen sulphide, which is delivered when sustenance’s decay in the colon.

The accompanying recommendations might be useful to Gas Relief  Abstain from biting gum or sucking on hard confections (particularly sugarless gum or sugar-free sweets that contain sorbitol. Increment the measure of liquid you drink, yet kill carbonated beverages and mixed refreshments and decrease sustenance’s containing high-fructose corn syrup from your eating regimen.If you have narrow lactose mindedness, stay away from drain and drain items, for example, fine cheeses, or attempt drain in which the lactose is as of now separated.
A common wellspring of upper intestinal gas is gulped air. Every time we swallow, small measures of air enter the stomach. This gas in the stomach is passed into the small digestive tract where some portion of it is retained. The rest goes into the colon (digestive organ) to be gone out through the rectum. Gas can be burped out as opposed to being passed from the stomach into the digestive tract.
Newborn baby gas problem home remedy

Babies are highly sensitive towards food. So we have to feed them carefully. We must avoid giving hard food. This is a practice coming traditionally. Babies can digest crushed food easily. And say “no” to junk foods. Do not give them bakery foods.

These foods will show effect on total digestive system of baby. Never feed them with cool drinks. If you feed baby with soft drinks, you are making baby obese along with imbibing an unknown gas pain. Since baby cannot express his pain, it is hard for us to find the exact problem, So it is always better to prevent and never wait to cure at least in the case of your baby.

Make sure you are prompt in every stet and do not disregard the feelings of your baby. Also you must understand the needs of your baby. It is in this way you can curb all ailments. Do no feed babies with milk from outside. This will create gaseous nature in the stomach.

Handle breast milk properly and breast feeding is always good. Mother’s milk will not create gaseous atmosphere as this milk is created by God for the safety of baby. So we will have to depend on breast milk for maximum health and comfort and it is also a total cure for gas relief for babies. This is one of the techniques for gas pain. Breast feeding also reduces bloated stomach.

Gassy baby at night

Also take care about sleeping posture of your baby. As this plays a great role in curing baby from bloated stomach. Always make sure that our baby is taking right posture while sleeping. Do you know what is the right posture? The right position is not the question to answer rather you must know the truth that the baby must be left out naturally to sleep and take her own position with out any force. Your baby will take posture naturally.

What you must do is not to take any choice to give a right posture for your baby while sleeping. Let your baby decide that within her own mystery world. But unfortunately parents decide and try to regulate babies’ natural condition. This is not right thought. So it is up to babies’ comfort zone to decide herself towards apt posture.

How to relieve gas in babies stomach

Babies need good digestion to get rid of gas troubling pains. It is very unfortunate especially for rich families. And for some too lovable mother who do not want to keep baby down or allow them to play.

They are afraid of some danger for the baby. This is very wrong. Doing this we are disturbing the healthy digestion of a baby. Baby also needs some type of exercise. Whey do we hold babies always over our bosom? And not allowing them to play on the floor? Answer is yours now. Some times you can buy toys for your baby.

Sitting for a long time, Forcefully making sounds in toilet to let shit out, Constipation, Colon disorders are what causes hemorrhoids. So it is wise always to avoid some things which you have been doing. Also called Piles. There are types like External hemorrhoids and the other type Internal hemorrhoids. There are also stages in it. First, second and third stage. Piles will appear along the walls of anus. Blood vessels around the anus will become big and results in pile disease. They are like threads inside and outside of anus.

Sitting for long duration: If you sit for hours and hours making your butt pressurized then there are chances to get piles. But these type of piles will not last long. They come and disappear very fast. You will also forget about it. But for safety sake you must take proper posture for better living. This is what causes hemorrhoids. Check some more hemorrhoids remedies

Forceful sounds in toilet: Do not make sounds while you shit. Only go to lavatory as long as you have smoothness of flow.Otherwise just wipe off your anus and come out. You have to work out on your diet. If you use force, while sitting.This may lead to serious piles problem. If you have this habit, do away.

Improper digestion: If you do not have proper acidic balance in your stomach. You food becomes poison in the form of toxins. This is What causes hemorrhoids. Improper way of digesting food leads to compulsory piles.

Types of Piles

External hemorrhoids: These piles appear outside the anus and are very much visible and you can feel when you place finger around your anus. Some people have this type. But this is not a problem compared to internal ones.

Internal hemorrhoids: The most suffering and excruciating pain. Those who have this type will have to undergo operation and must use some medicine. This is the most suffering cause of the causes I have been mentioning.

Grade 1 stage: Here piles won’t show up outside. You will not feel pain too. But you will get blood falling with shit while you go for motion.

Grade 2 stage: Here blood may or may not fall.  But piles come out while you sit and go inside all by themselves.

Grade 3 stage: Here Piles come outside and stay there itself without moving inside. Unless you push them with your finger they cannot go out.

Grade 4 stage: These piles permanently stay outside and like threads they spread along the walls of anus. Sewage discharge become painful too.

Remedies for What causes hemorrhoids

Take regular exercise: You have to go for regular exercise and thus allow proper movement of sewage discharge.

Obesity: It is one of the causes. So eat things without oil and relax your body to do its work. If you eat junk type of food. you are giving suffering to your digestive track.

Reduce heavy traveling: Do not travel much sitting and struggling.

Over time jobs: Do not sit and do overtime jobs to meet targets. Surely this will damage your health overall and allow piles to creep in.

Reduce stress: Live a peaceful life and reduce stressful living. This will show impact on the organs of your body. And digestion is not another thing.

Eat timely food: Eat in time. Do not skip your dinner for funny reasons.

Foods that cure Piles or hemorrhoids remedies

Take enough water and do not eat spicy food. Take coconut water an eat fiber rich vegetables. While you sit make sure it is spongy. Do not sit on flat benches. For sometime use medicine to treat constipation related problems. But do not use for longer time. If you follow all the above given hemorrhoids remedies, you will surely get rid of all.

Bloating and gas after eating

Bloating and gas after eating is very common now a days. Many are struggling with this problem. After eating if you have this bloating problem then there is some mistake that you are doing. First of all know what did you eat? This is very important to know what did take while eating. Did you take heavy food that will not get digestion? Or have you taken any other foods that will not give you comfort to stomach.

Avoid those foods. Secondly Bloating and gas after eating is because if you take water soon after or while eating. Water intake will harm all the internal powerful acidic nature inside the stomach.

In this way you will really feel bad with stomach. So check whether are you taking water during eating. Take only after 2 hours of eating any thing. Follow some BLOATING REMEDIES

Feeling bloated after eating only a small meal

Thirdly, Check over all food intake from the time you feel Bloating and gas after eating. Maintain dairy to write what are you eating and how you are taking water and list of intake of your Non Gassy Foods. Also see what health line tell here. Finally you will get relief from such Bloating and gas after eating. So do not worry if sometime it gets severe. Fourthly take some medicine in case of emergency. See here what Health Line tells. Take like ENO or any other powder. I also suggest sonamukhi leaf which will also relieve you from Bloating and gas after eating. So make sure to follow certain rules while you have your diet. Stress free life also will help in this matter. If you have always stress you body will not function and does not  relieve acids in the stomach efficiently. Live peacefully without too much  Stomach pain and gas  stress. This will make your thyroid function properly. This is important for happy functioning of your stomach.

How to stop bloating after eating

At last do not skip eating. Take regularly in time. If you skip meals due to any urgent work also will give you Bloating and gas after eating.Do not swallow food as it is chew properly. If you follow all these tips you can easily get relaxing life with out gas trouble in your stomach. So it is easy to avoid Bloating and gas after eating

The best way to release gas from stomach is just simple. Try to exercise. When you do some exercise there will be a bowel movement. This bowel movement will help you to get rid of bloating feeling within you. So try to jump play and do some movement. This is the best way to release gas from stomach. Do not sit like that lazily. If you do move your body just because you are doing a job of a type of sitting job, then it will not work out. So why do not you really do things that are required from you. So make sure you do things exactly what you suppose to do. So if you are in the office and there is no way to do exercise, then I have an idea to give you which will work good.

It is to walk down and climb stairs and pretend as if you have some work to do. This way you can simply give exercise to your body and also pretend you are doing something in the office. This will surely give you utmost relief to your body. You have to do exercise regularly without skipping. This is the only way to release gas from your stomach. There is one more idea to get relief from gas in the stomach is that the way you drink water. Take water with out eating any thing. Skip meals and try drinking water once in 2 hours. This is one more idea to get yourself relieved from bloating problems. But never take water without empty stomach. What I mean is that you have to take water only on empty stomach. I recommend emptiness means, you have to take water after 3 hours of taking some food. Do not take water unless there is a time gap of atleast 3 hours before and after taking food. You can follow the above mentioned 2 ideas for gas trouble. The other way is to just wait till you get hungry.

Never eat food just for the sake of eating. Become hungry really. If you eat without becoming hungry then you cannot allow hydrochloric acid to enter into your stomach properly.  Digestive enzymes are important to get enough digestion. This type of acids will not form without becoming hungry. So make sure that before you eat something you have to become hungry a lot. And those who have gas problem must follow this idea for sure. Become more hungry and this hunger will form lot of acids that will curb gas instantly.

So make sure you do eat only after craving for food. The more you crave the better you curb gases. This is how you can clearly know how to release gas from stomach. so you can get this information from experts too. They also tell the same that you have to really work on stomach acids and on which you health will depend most of the time. Your health will surely depend on the way  you make you acids in  your stomach.