Does Rice Cause Gas

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Does Rice Cause Gas

Rice does cause gassy atmosphere when you eat it polished. So brown rice will not give gas climate in your stomach. If you go on eating white rice fully polished then you will suffer form gas for sure. So make sure you do not make things critical just by eating rice. Eat in small amount. Unfortunately some people in USA eat rice in high amount. Rice has outer shell which is very nice. If you polish then finally it loses its amazing shell. It has great vitamins and proteins there.  It goes in the form of bran. That is why we see cows and buffaloes. They have more strength. Because in order to see white rice we are giving all our goodness to animals. We are becoming weak. So do not give like that.


You must eat rice as it is from the farm. This is very good for healthy life in the stomach. Finally we have to give our way to think once again how to eat rice and in which amount. I know know this then  you will not worry to know whether does rice cause gas or not. So If you ask me does rice cause gas. Then as a medical guide I say for sure yes.  Because nobody eats in small amounts. They eat more than what it is required. So do not make such horrible mistake. Eat rice only once in a day. Eat limited. I see in some countries eating rice thrice a day and in huge amounts. Do not do like that. If you do like that it will affect you a lot.

Finally I conclude saying does rice cause gas then yes it gives gas after eating. Do not depend on rice entirely. Take brown rice which is safer and strength.