What Causes Hemorrhoids

what causes hemorrhoids remedies [caption id="attachment_18" align="aligncenter" width="150"] what causes hemorrhoids[/caption] Sitting for a long time, Forcefully making sounds in toilet to let shit out, Constipation, Colon disorders are what causes hemorrhoids. So it is wise always to avoid some things which you have been doing. Also called Piles. There are types like External hemorrhoids and the other type Internal hemorrhoids. There are also stages in it. First, second and third stage. Piles will appear along the walls of anus. Blood vessels around the anus will become big and results in pile disease. They are like threads inside and outside of anus. Sitting for long duration: If you sit for hours and hours making your butt pressurized then there are chances to get piles. But these type of piles will…
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